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The "PDFs instructions" sheets above contain instructions and set up sizes for individual products. Just click on your product and print the flyer for reference when setting up your artwork.

If you only want a template click on "PDFs templates" you will need Adobe Illustrator CS3 to see all the data on the "PDFs templates" if you have an older version of Illustrator call us for a back saved version of your template.

File Set Up Instructions – When submitting files for the printing of your banner stand, please follow the following guidelines.

We accept .tiff files, .pdf files, .ai files, .psd files and .jpg. for all printing jobs. Please remember that .tiff is the prefered file format for large format printing. Using .tiff files ensures both of us that the file has been fully flattened and all elements including fonts are embedded. Using .tiff files has proven to save everyone a great deal of time and ensures that what you give us is exactly what you will get back. Yes .PDF files are compact and nice to send but they frequently have issues when flattening for saving... 

If the information below does not appear to be written in English please let us build your file for you we are happy to help!

 If your file is 100% vector data a file set up with the correct aspect ratio @ 1/4 scale is acceptable as a .ai or .eps format.

Please provide us your file over network or on CD rom or DVD. Build your file @ final output size @ 100 PPI no bleed or trim marks are required other than the bleed at the bottom for attachment. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for large format file set up, Adobe Illustrator is also acceptable, but Illustrator has size limitations. Adobe In Design is a small format page layout application and is not suitable for large format file set up. Do not send multi page layouts send each file individually.

It is best to create your file in Photoshop and then place your vector elements into the Photoshop file. Once your file is complete flatten the file into one layer and save it as a .tiff file. If you work in Illustrator create your file at full size, and place your "raster" elements at full size to check image resolution. Once your file is complete remember to convert all type to outlines, then save it as an .eps file, open the .eps file in Photoshop, check resolution at full size, then flatten the file and save as a .tiff file.

Do not send files with linked images or separate folders with images and or fonts. If the file is set up properly this is not necessary. Please view your file at 100% full output size in Photoshop to check resolution prior to submitting for printing. For "raster" elements which are photographic elements built of pixels, be sure your image is of sufficient resolution to look good at the final output size. To do this enlarge the image to the size it will be when printed and view it at 100% or "print size" in Photoshop. The resolution you see on your monitor will match the print resolution. When scanning images, scan to the full output size @ 300 DPI for best results. Remember to OUTLINE all text in your file this will ensure we don't run into any font problems.

Yes, you will be creating a large file, remember most of our output is VERY large. A typical bannerstand file will be a Photoshop .tiff file @ 39" x 90" @ 100 pixels per inch - 250 mb. Save this same file using zip compression and it will be 45mb and simple to send using our ftp site.

Please ensure that you have a print ready file. There is a if we have to manipulate your file. Correct size move elements change format etc...

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